FAQs - Belle's Company

All orders ship from Cincinnati, Ohio. We typically do not do porch pick-ups, or local meets unless asked or offered. 

What is the turn around time?

- Our turn around time is 7-10 business days. If they are pre-orders, that is usually 7-20 business days. Holidays and Weekends are NOT included in this. Your TAT starts the following day after you place an order. We are not amazon, and cannot do what amazon does. 

Why is the turn around time so long?

- The turn around time is usually 7-10 business days. With offering so many products, I cannot always have every print or shirt you ordered on hand. This requires me to order said items when you have purchased them. I buy a lot of my designs from small businesses, so they cannot always process my order in 1 day. 

What happens if my order does not ship within the turn around time?

- I try to get all orders out before the 10th day mark. Things can happen that will cause that not to happen, and I try to avoid those. If the time is approaching the end of your TAT, I will reach out (if you have a contact that I can reach), and see what you would like to do. 

How does my order ship out?

- Everyone has their preference on how they would like their orders to ship. We give you the option of either USPS, or UPS. What you decide is on you. The customer is responsible for their shipping cost, unless there is free shipping.